Wigs & Hair pieces

Human Hair Wigs/ Hairpieces

Human hair wigs/ hairpieces offer the most natural look and feel. It is also very flexible. Hair can be trimmed, styled and colored to your taste. With good care these wigs can last 6 months- 1 year.

Cyber Hair Wigs/ Hairpieces

Cyber hair wigs/ hairpieces are the latest in. Using a new technology cyber hair wigs/hairpieces can be manipulated to create a wanted texture whole remaining similar to that of real hair. Unlike synthetic or real human hair, cyber wigs/ hairpieces can withstand much more damage and use without showing wear because of this they are also easier to maintain and care for. 

Blended Hair Wigs/ Hairpieces

Blended hair wigs/ hairpieces combines synthetic hair and cyber to create a real hair like texture. Also, since this does contain synthetic hair there is an opportunity for memory retention in styles. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs/ Hairpieces

Synthetic hair wigs/ hairpieces is used in substitution of real hair typically in hair loss situations. Created from various fibers through technology, synthetic hair can be styled and maintained through professional care. 

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